About DpCross Designs

    DpCross Designs is a proudly Nigerian visual Studio specialized in 3D modeling (visualization) and animation, Video editing and visual effect (VFX) creation, aerial photography and video coverage as well as graphic design and motion graphics. We are determined to bring the best visuals to you for various purposes e.g. adverts, TV programs and skits, presentation and lots more.
    Our team of specialists have been involved in bringing high quality visuals for mass media consumption for quite a good period of time, reaching international standard while saving you the costs and effort of searching for foreign alternatives. We are specially experienced in bringing you the best quality to keep you amazed.
    We are fully dedicated to bringing your ideas into reality as beautifully as possible within the shortest period of time and at the lowest cost to keep you satisfied and in good business relationship with us. We have good understanding of our clients requests and we are very customer friendly and hospitable.


Service Quality


Delivery Speed


Customer Friendliness



History of DpCross Designs

DpCross Designs was founded in 2013 and has ever since been expanding in size and accountability bringing quality visual multimedia content to the public. The company started in Minna town of Niger state and later moved to Lagos in 2015 and is now based in Lagos but still able to network with clients from every part of the country without any challenges.

Our Vision

We here believe that the challenge faced by the Nigerian media today should be treated as a temporary and unacceptable one as the present Nigerian media output is of inferior quality in comparison to present day international standard and hear at DpCross Designs we are determined to one day see Nigerian multimedia reach and surpass international standard in all aspects (graphics quality, visual effects, etc) and make our country proud.